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Thursday 30 May 2013

David Franz 1979 AD VP

"Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time"
~ Smashing Pumpkins, 1979

The tag 'legend' is all too often bandied around these days. The actions of Peter Lehmann on hearing that, then employer, Saltram would not honour "my word is my bond" contracts to fruit growers are now the stuff of legend, nigh folklore and cemented than man's reputation into the fabric of the Barossa. Legend.

What many may not know, is that on leaving Saltram, Lehmann the elder snuck a bit of 'Port' he made from a combination of Barossa Shiraz and Langorne Creek Cabernet into his leaving package. It was kindly re-released for him by son David, under his own label. Too kind.

Complex: gorgeous nutty complexity, dark toffee in the mix, molasses and a touch of aniseed. There's layers of history on the palate. Oh the stories this wine could tell. The palate is enhanced with an aniseed/ fennel note that is carried by a spirited edge.

The final third just has staying power, treacly notes course through the finish. Tough to judge, yet it's balanced has good length and, for a thirty-four year old, the passage of time has been kind. History cannot be bought. Here it sets you back $35. 94 - Excellent

Tasted on: Sunday 19th May, a Fruit Day
Source: Winery Purchase
Price: $35
Closure: Cork

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