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Saturday 4 May 2013

Running With Bulls Vermentino 2012

RWB is a Hill-Smith family/ Yalumba brand, and for a collective portfolio that executes its marketing very well, I am surprised there exists no stand-alone website for RWB.

Wine's damn good though. Honeysuckle, and a hint of citrus provide an indication of what’s within. However the aromatics don’t allude to the textural nuances of the wine that, for me, are what mark it out from other examples. 

Layered with pithy citrus – pretty complex on the palate, hints of barrel work and a yeasty edge provide additional interest. Straddles this line between freshness, tart tang, nutty complexity and a little briny goodness. Concludes with generous length and a little spicy edge. 91 – Very Good

Tasted on: Wednesday 10th April, a Root Day
Source: Sample
Price: $20
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. I believe a standalone website is in the making for RWB (never understand why these things aren't part of the branding concept up front, but there you go) ... but I was told that quite a few months ago.

    Cracking wine though and you can often pick it up for well under $20.

    1. Thanks for that snippet. It has it's own twitter account, Facebook page etc - but nay a mention on any H-S that I could find.