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Friday, 11 January 2013

Chapel Hill Verdelho 2011

The good lady preferred this to the '12, effectively proclaiming it like water and thus proposing its suitability as a front deck wine, a wine most appropriate for easy consumption to accompany lengthy games of Canasta.

Fairly neutral, certainly less aromatic than the 2012, a hint of green banana, a cheesy/ creamy note, but yes demonstrating greater neutrality than a collection of Norwegians, Swiss and Swedes.

Clean and neutral palate too.  Inoffensive, did nothing wrong, nor did it particularly enthrall.  Moderate finish.  85 - Average

Tasted on: Friday 11th January
Source: Sample
Price: $16
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. Good to see we are on the same page Stu. I had a look at both in a blind tasting and both the '11 & '12 weren't even on the dancefloor when we discussed all the wines.
    Quite disappointing for a producer I rate, and as you say, sadly they lack taste.

    1. Cheers Steve. $16 is full tote, somebody might enjoy it. The '12 was reasonably enjoyable. Personally, there's plenty of other varieties out there (Riesling anyone...?) that would offer greater pleasure at a similar price point.