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Monday, 14 January 2013

Quealy Friulano 2011

Friulano is a variety native to the Gironde region of South-West France. There it's known as Sauvignonasse, but it's never been widely cultivated.  Instead, transported across France to Italy's North-East, Friuli in fact, as Tokai, in the early 19th century it appears to have fared considerably better.  It took on the name Friulano after a move by the Hungarians to protect their Tokaji wines.  Confused?  I just recommend drinking some.

Lovely golden-straw colour. Hints of flax, florals and stonefruit. Wonderful texture, layered complexity, with a mineral feel early on, backed up with almond meal and cereal.

Has a sense of weight in the mouth, the layering provides that element. Further, hints of grass and pea are backed up with excellent acids. 

Good phenolics too, a little drying grip toward the wine’s finish. Texture – that word again – to conclude, and good length. 90 Good 

Tasted on: Tuesday 1st January, a Leaf Day
Source: Retail, Craft Wine Store
Price: $27
Closure: Screwcap

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