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Sunday, 14 October 2012

La Linea Norteño Tempranillo 2009

Essentially a barrel selection.  In making their 2009 Tempranillo, the La Linea team noticed some marked differences in four barriques made from fruit picked off a northern (Norteño is Spanish for North) vineyard at Kersbrook. 

Needed a little time to open up and express itself.  Initially woody and spicy, shifting toward highly complex perfume of florals, rose, cola, star anise and blueberries.

Medium bodied, actually quite light in the mouth.  Juicy and spice coated, with a captivating central core of flavour.  Day 2 saw the wine retain the tartness and central core, yet there was also a slight 'cold tea', bitter astringency.  

Consistently showed a good 'coat' of textured tannin and persistence of flavour.  Darker fruits  on the finish than seen elsewhere in the wine.  Preference here was for the wine on Day 1 - happy with this given my love:hate relationship with Australian Tempranillo91/ 92 - Very Good
Tasted on: 10th (Leaf Day) and 11th October (Fruit Day) 
Source: Retail, Cru Cellars
Price: $33
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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