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Monday, 30 April 2012

Domaine Lucci Pinot Noir 2009

For me, the wines of Domaine Lucci/ Lucy Margaux/ Anton Van Klopper were a star that shone very brightly around the end of 2010/ early 2011, and then faded just as quickly.  I was initially rather taken with the Wines: the Wildman Pinot Noir had me enthralled; the 'Red' (2008 and 2010) fantastic juicy, easy-drinking wines; and the Lucy Margaux single-vineyard wine left me a little hollow, I expected more.  And it failed to deliver.  My issue maybe, but the end result was I left a couple of bottles in the cellar to pluck up the courage to revisit.

Yes - Wet stone, damp earth, mulch and woody-stemmy characters greet you on arrival, background sour cherry and some muted cherry - all good so far.  In the mouth, a little edgy, more cherry coming on, the fruit is quite tart.  There's an edge to the wine, a touch of mineral, adding interest - not prominent, but noticeable nonetheless.   Further, there's a pleasurable mix of spice - some pepper - carried by the tannin on the palate, the tannin carrying the line of the wine forward to it's conclusion. Rather enjoyable this: 90 - Good.

Source: Retail, Spiros Toowong
Price: $30 ish
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: DIAM


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