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Friday, 3 September 2010

Samuel's Gorge Tasting

To me Twitter has been a fantastic way of hooking into the Australian wine community, enabling me to connect with local scribes, wineries and distributors.

It was through said medium that I learn that renowned McLaren Vale producer Samuel's Gorge is coming to Brisbane on the 9th September to conduct a public tasting at the Grand Central Hotel on Ann Street - immediately in front of Central Station.

There appears to be little in the way of official information on either the winery or venue websites.

My sole introduction to Samuel's Gorge was at the BYO Favs and Pizza Dinner (see post of the same name). However, suffice to say my recollections of that wine are such that this tasting is a must-attend event for me.


  1. Hi Stu,

    I actually went to Samuel's Gorge cellar door yesterday, and suffice to say, you're absolutely right about this being a must-attend event! I picked up some of their beautiful 2008 Grenache and 2009 Tempranillo (drinking right now!), of which, I'll be posting notes this weekend.

    To be honest though Stu, I can guarantee you, the highlight of the event will doubtlessly be the pleasure of meeting Justin McNamee himself (I understand he'll be there?). If ever there was a winemaker whose heart is in the right place, then Justin is your man. Full credit to him and best of luck with the tasting Stu-should be a good one!


  2. Hi Chris

    Cheers for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

    I'm certainly looking forward to this - even more so now you've outlined what a good bloke Justin is.

    I'll be sure to try and do justice to the evening with a few words here.

    Thanks again