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Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Couple of Stickies

My good wife sneakily arranged to take me to dinner recently, even going as far as to deceive me by arrange for some friends to look after our daughter.

I'm not complaining mind. The destination was a local restaurant where we have eaten on a few occasions previous: Two Small Rooms.

As ever, the food was sublime. Good quality fare, probably best placed in the 'bistro' category. Its name gives you an indication of its size - it is two small rooms: well staffed, a good seasonal menu with quality ingredients, a decent wine list featuring imports and Australian wines - plus you can BYO.

Our meal was wonderful, I'm not going to wax lyrical over it, it was an occasion shared with my wife.

What I do want to share is a couple of dessert wines that were available by the glass.

2003 Grande Maison Cuvee du Chateau Monbazillac
A delightful honeyed, candied fruit sweetie with a pale golden colour; the familiar unctuous presence in the glass. Paired wonderfully with a Bitter Chocolate Tart, Yogurt Gelato and Pistachio Nuts.

2006 Passito di Pantelleria Pellegrino Sicily
Made by the Pellegrino of San Pellegrino fancy water fame, and made from (IIRC) drying out and then vinifying Sicilian Zibibbo Muscat grapes. A delightful pale colour, none of the overt sweetness of Moscato that I have tasted previously, orange blossom and apricot present on the palette.


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