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Saturday 11 September 2010

International Grenache Day - 24th September

It was a little like the girl at school you know of, but have never spoken to. Your paths have crossed on a few occasions, how could they not? But you’d never plucked up the courage to talk.  She wasn’t one of the girls in the “cool-kids” group, but is certainly attractive. Maybe, to you, she was a late bloomer.

Then, an introduction through some mutual friends leads to you hitting it off. It leaves you wondering why you had never been truly acquainted until now. You try and meet regularly, you develop a fondness.

I am talking about Grenache. The chance encounter I refer to was a road trip around some of Australia’s southern states, Melbourne to Adelaide with stays in McLaren Vale and the Barossa.  Yes, Grenache and I had met before. We had enjoyed the company of each other. Was I truly aware of her existence? Probably not. Shiraz would most likely find herself on the way home with me after a visit to the bottle shop.

And now Grenache is starting to get the attention it deserves – I’ll drop the feminine form for Grenache from here. International Grenache Day is to be held on the 24th September. A series of events will take place on this day – chosen to coincide with the first Grenache symposium. The tag line for the event is to “put Grenache in its rightful place on the wine map”. Some have criticised focussed on Grenache as a varietal – petulantly considering it “stupid”, nigh in the manner of a teen spurned by a peer. Each to their own.

Events can be formal, or otherwise. Grab some Grenache, some friends, have a “tweet-up” (remember to use the hash-tag #Grenache). But most of all, as wine is intended, enjoy.

I shall be participating, and at this early juncture have plans to grab something Aussie - ideally a Teusner to support their efforts at supporting this event, a Garnacha and a Grenache dominant Rhone blend; to represent Grenache in its many guises, outfits and representations.

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