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Thursday 4 February 2021

Edenflo Quincy J 2020

A delicious skinsy blend of Eden Valley Gewürz, Riesling and Viognier.

Eden Flo is Andrew Wardlaw and sidekick (dog) Quincy Jones. Andrew was at pains to express how to best sample his wines - attention to detail a boon - advising to avoid excess cold and allow time and air for fuller expression. 

Pouring a somewhat hedonistic golden colour, and immediately redolent of florals, Quince and stewed apple. 

The palate conveyed an immediate nuttiness, followed by lavish texture and generous spiced nuance across the finish. 

Respecting the winemaker's wishes, after 24 hours the skinsy, Quincey vibe is more pronounced on the nose. Across the palate, ginger is pulled forward and caressed by quite a lavish textural throw. The spice is really quite prominent now, seemingly adding to the sustain of the wine's finish. 

A rather exquisite wine of detail, texture and interest. 94

Tasted on: Sunday 31st January 
Source: Sample
Price: $33
Closure: Cork

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  1. Hey Stu, want you to sample some Balancing Heart Vineyard wines for Valentine's Day ....

    1. Hi - thanks for making contact. There should be an email link on the front page, or accessible via the 'Samples' page. Thanks, Stu