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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Alkoomi Blackbutt Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon (73.3%), with Malbec (21.5%) and Cabernet Franc (5.2%).

Again, I probably offer, or remark on this release strategy each time of the asking, 8 years old on release. 

And for that, there's still a fair throw of fruit primacy, deep and dark, bolstered by oak, framing it up, seasoning to the mix. Savoury, against the fruit. 

Appearance wise it is talking on some of those brickish tones around the edge. It still remains youthful and vibrant in entry, yet as the tannins kick in it is developing well, secondary elements making up the back end of the wine and delivering savoury hints long onto the finish. 

Black fruit, milk chocolate, herbal notes - Bay, a little Sage - add and aid length. It's certainly a wine of substance and yet, finesse. 92

Tasted on: Thursday 29th August, a Leaf day
Source: Sample
Price: $62
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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