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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Cush & Cush Wine Co. Grenache Mataro 2016

Think of this as the Mark II version of the little juice bomb reviewed late last year. 

Think of that schoolmate you had a crush on, who returns after an extended Summer vacation, having grown up to become a somewhat more sophisticated version of their former self. Then you might start to get an idea of what time has done for this wine.

Background: cash is king for any business, not least a start-up brand, where the need to liquidate wine stock into cash is paramount, to see a return on investment, pay growers and fund future wine activities. So Cush & Cush bottled a 'soif' style Grenache Mataro (Mark I), see a review of that wine here.

So, second time around, up the anté on the Mataro, now representing 20% of the blend, give it a few extra months in barrel and blow out the CO2. Still unfiltered. 

Raspberry, not quite coulis, close - it's settled, significantly: coffee mocha, woody spice, ultra-perfumed, sandalwood even.

Great depth of flavour, a little Demerara crusted, sweet-spice inflected body. Suggestion of Dutch licorice, coffee essence - beautiful balance of sweet/savoury. Velvet, gossamer threaded tannin, quite superb. 

Gentle length, lingering long on the finish. 92 

Tasted on: Thursday 26th January, a Fruit day
Source: Sample
Price: $25
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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