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Saturday 10 December 2016

Zonte's Footstep Doctoressa Di Lago Pinot Grigio 2016

The title of this one reminds of the Manic Street Preacher's "La Tristesse Durera", one of those odd little glimpses into how my mind works. Or doesn't.

And there's certainly no holding back here, an aromatic (Nicky) Livewire! Smells like a pear sorbet, florals, citrus adding to its nasal cut n thrust.

That flows through to the palate too, where the citrus take on a bitter lemon bent. Touch of cut herb, even some lemon grass and thyme. 

Unsure where this ladies gib is from, but I like her cut. 89 

Tasted on: Monday 5th September, a Root to Flower day
Source: Sample
Price: $18
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Screwcap

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