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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Guthrie Wines 'The Snare' Syrah 2014

"It's really light and fresh. A bit of the function of the Hills last year (2014). Reds never got really ripe. Plus the whole bunch work" states winemaker Hugh Guthrie, explaining a little about the vintage conditions and the ethos of the wine.

The savoury bent of the whole bunch (40%) leads here, redolent of new growth in Spring, with hints of coffee grounds backing up.

Medium bodied, light and springy - possesses an airiness. Yes, there are hints of greenness that may unsettle some, but its light and easy going nature had me yearning to drink it - a ringing endorsement.

In that 'soif' style, may lack the classical markers of a great wine, but it's just downright smashable. Spice and bunch for interest, and that annoying ability to evaporate from the glass. Available in magnum too, I grabbed a couple for interest at $65. 88

Tasted on: Wednesday 11th March, a Flower day
Source: Winery purchase
Price: $30
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: DIAM

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