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Monday 23 September 2013

COS Pithos Rosso 2010

COS (so named from of the initials of founders Giambattista Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Pinuccia Strano) is a Sicilian winery located in Vittoria, in the South-East corner of that island. Vittoria is also the location of Sicily's only DOCG 'Cerasuaolo di Vittoria' (where rules state that a mix of Nero d'Avola and Frappato must be used, with a minimum content of 50% and 30% respectively).

Well known for their adoption of clay amphorae as the primary fermentation vessel. Amphorae are not a recent winemaking tool, they have been in use in Georgia for thousands of years. There has been marked increase in their use - Australia included - where winemakers use the technique and vessel to seek softer tannins. Rather than oak tannin being extracted during fermentation, tannin within the wine is derived from extended contact with grape skins and seeds. But, as with many techniques, their use does require considered application.

To the wine in question. Exhibits characters as one might see in an aged wine: leathery, of dried twigs and dried vegetal matter. Softens as it opens up, suggestions of cherry and higher notes, hints of florals.

The palate is juicy, succulent cherry again present. There's an acidic thread coursing through the wine. The wine's vibrancy and juiciness forms the dominant element of the wine, yet latterly savoury notes of dried herb and gentle spice make themselves known. Yet, it must be said, against such savoury form, the wine possesses a lightness in the mouth.

Fine drying tannin, a gentle savoury line pulling a tug of fennel with it and good length see the wine reach its conclusion. 91
I paired this wine with some 'Italian' sausages that had been simmered in Sicilian cherry tomato sauce, the fennel aligning to similar notes within, the acid and juiciness working in combination with the sauce. Happy days, memories. 

Tasted on: Saturday 14th September 
Source: Retail, Cru Bar & Cellars
Price: $65
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: Cork

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