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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Brash Higgins SHZ Shiraz 2009

I've seen some interesting literary references applied to reviews of Brash Higgins wines this week.  If I were to extend the theme here, I'd be thinking Suskind's Perfume, not for any link to morality, more the reference to smell and its relationship to emotion, place and time.

Initially the wine displays an overt perfume, one I heard referenced by well-regarded scribe Jeremy Pringle as (and I hope neither he, nor the wine's proprietor mind me paraphrasing/referencing): "like a lady who had applied a little too much scent to her person".

Given time, it settles, and 24 hours later it shows choc-plum-orange notes, still fresh and fragrant, but hinting at the depth within.  More than once its perfume, did make me think of Mataro.

Dense, richly layered, with hints of choc-mint on the palate.  Opening up it shows itself to be more expressive, gravelly, grainy, with hints of herbs and violets.  Fine tannins, clean through a generous length.  92 - Very Good

Source: #ScarceEarth Tasting
Price: $37
Closure: Screwcap

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