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Thursday, 6 September 2012

A.Retief Botrytis Grenache 2010

Triumph over tragedy, delight over despair.  However you want to frame it, Alex Retief has fashioned a curio, a wine to have the boffs guessing.  But more than that, a downright interesting drink and a rather good pairing on a Sunday night with some 85% cocoa Green & Blacks (in my case).

Storms during vintage and the resultant humidity saw some disease pressure amongst Retief's Grenache vines in the Hilltops region.  Rather than just rejecting the fruit, Retief opted to craft a Botrytis Grenache.

Sweet, musky, rose and hints of Turkish delight.  Luscious and unctuous, the full mouth-feel of the botrytis style marks it out.  Faint hints of raspberry, but quite light.  Still, it struck me as rather delicate.  Interesting.  Really interesting.  89 - Good

Source: Sample
Price: $25
Alcohol: 10%
Closure: Screwcap

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