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Sunday 10 July 2011

Bella Riva King Valley Pinot Grigio Vermentino 2010

I looked on with a mixture of envy and curiosity at Steve Webber and Leanne De Bortoli's tweets of their recent Southern European adventure.  Curious to see what down the line influence this trip may have on the wines coming out of the De Bortoli stable.  

Little did I know that in 1994 they had planted some 'Mediterranean' varieties up in the King Valley.  The first results from those plantings are the 2009 Sangiovese Merlot and this Pinot Grigio/ Vermentino blend released under the Bella Riva label (Beautiful Riverbank).

Gentle aromas waft out of the glass, pear and some light citrus.  The wine smells fresh, redolent of a clean Spring day.  Through the palate, the wine is clipped and crisp with good textural mouthfeel.  The wine sees regular lees stirring to develop that complexity - imparting a slight nuttiness too -  along with 20% cask fermentation.  Through the finish, some minerality is exhibited along with generous acid to give some length.  Eminently drinkable.  

Whilst I saw this as a better 'made' wine, I too enjoyed the rustic charm of the Sangiovese Merlot.  Different beasts the pair of them, that said they share an easy going drinkability and pair well with a range of foods. 

Source: Sample
Price: $18
Alcohol: 12.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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