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Tuesday 5 July 2011

Cellar Key Technology - Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

This wine was sent as a sample to showcase Cellar Key Technology utilising QR codes placed onto a neck tag.  As such, I'll look at the QR code first with a note on the wine to follow.

I'm a bit of a gadget geek so QR codes appeal - coupled with the fact that I love a good story, the Cellar Key technology is right up my alley.  Easy to use, it requires a scanner of some kind - you can download any number for free from your app store of choice - to read and interpret the URL (QR codes don't have to be URLs, but it is in this case and are most commonly) that is embedded into the black square that looks a little like the 'snow' from television sets of yesteryear!

Scanning the QR code takes the user to a web page specifically designed to render on a smartphone. The 'explore' button provides some nice background info on the winery, their wines and the winemaker - a little insight into from whence the wine came; Food Match is a home-made Pork Chipolata Cassoulet.

The 'Tasting Notes' provides a slightly more descriptive note than typically seen on a bottle, with Winemaking Notes and Wine Production Stats following.

All good so far.  However it is with the 'Vintage Notes' and 'Reviews' that I have some issue.  The vintage note is fairly generic, only mentioning 2009 in the last sentence.  Of the reviews, 3 are provided: two of which (James Halliday's) is for the 2008 version of the wine as is that from The Winefront.  Jeremy Oliver is quoted for 2009.  

Overall its a useful piece of technology that has the ability to provide the consumer with more detail on the wine and a small window into the winery, winemaking and winemaker.  Nice touch - but then is that the inner Geek in me? 

Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Oh yes, and the wine.  Typically Margaret River in its aromatic profile: herbal tomato leaf, cassis and a cedary note.  Full bodied, coffeish oak with a supporting mulberry and plum fruit.  The finish lingers; firm, grippy tannins and a pleasant aftertaste.  Tasted over two days, I actually preferred it on the second.  Offers good regionality for the price.  I would actually be a bit more generous that the wineries cellaring window of 2-4 years and push that out to 4-6.

Source: Sample
Price: $24.95
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap

[This item was edited at 13:06 on 06/07/2011 to correct the Alcohol % on the wine]

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  1. 2-4 years cellaring in poor conditions, but in good conditions, easily 5-8, which is what is going on the label next year!
    Capel Vale Wines