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Sunday, 26 February 2012

David Franz Benjamin's Promise Shiraz 2004

Been on a bit of a Barossa kick of late. Having previously sampled the delights of a Peter Lehmann Eight Songs 2004, I thought I'd skip a Lehmann generation and sample in the delights of this offering from David Franz.

So, spicy coffee-ish oak with a backdrop of juicy fruit - sounds Barossan. But the palate delivers rich, ripe flavors that effortlessly glide down. More of those coffee-notes that build and build through to the finish. Tannins, ultra-fine that coat your mouth and teeth.

It's one of those seductive wines that has you coming back for more.

Beautiful packaging on the outer, glorious juice within.

Source: Retail, Purple Palate
Price: $38
Closure: Cork


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