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Sunday 10 April 2011

De Bortoli Murphy's Vineyard Semillon 2004

I've got a backlog of notes to write up, the dual consequence of having a small child teething, turning me to booze and denying me the opportunity to write up the notes.

This bottle was purchased on a little family break up at Rainbow Beach from the colonial inspired Rainbow Beach Hotel - a rather pleasant find in a small coastal resort town.

A good seal on the cap liner caused the wine to open with a slight pop.  Slightly reductive, this soon shook away to greet you with a burst of lime and a touch of sweet syrup - the kind you get in tinned fruit.

On the palate, no real dominant flavour, it's balanced in the mouth: fresh, crisp and clean - drinking easily and concluding with a good punch of acid.  Still a couple of years left in it I would say - in line with cellaring guidelines on the bottle. 

Source: Retail, Rainbow Beach Hotel
Price: $35
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: Screwcap


  1. For a $35 bottle this isn't an overwhelming review. Was it worth the $?

  2. Yes it was. It's not your typical Semillon which I see as quite overt citrus, toast and wax. Its more subtle than that. The palate shows incredible balance and drinks very well.

    I think in some part you're paying for aged Semillon, plus the fact that it's a single vineyard; those facts alone should not justify $$.

    I paid for the wine and would happily do so again. I don't owe the producer anything and feel its an honest assessment of how I saw it over the two days consumed.