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Saturday 19 November 2016

Donkey & Goat Grenache Noir 2015

Donkey and Goat is Jared and Tracey Brandt, a couple who ply their trade from that hotbed of social activism, Berkeley. Making their wines in what could be considered a 'natural' manner, and in their own words: "a term that covers both the vineyard and the cellar. That is what distinguishes natural wine– the extension of natural farming philosophies that drive the practices for sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming into the cellar". The brand gets its name from two animals prominent during time spent learning their craft in France with Eric Texier.

This Grenache Noir is a blend from the Fenaughty, Lightner and Girard vineyards off loamy soils in the Sierra Foothills, specifically the El Dorado AVA (American Vitucltural Area).

Opening well, it exhibits a touch of black fruit, loose leaf tea, spice. 

The palate is where the fun happens: vibrant, juicy, energetic. Light, life, it draws you in with its acidic profile, light tannin that coats the mouth. Touch of Stonefruit on the finish: soft, delicate, generosity in spades. A great intro to this powerhouse duo. 91 

Tasted on: Sunday 6th November

Source: Retail, K&L Wines
Price: $24.99 (US$)
Alcohol: 13.4%
Closure: Cork

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