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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Top 100 Wine Blog?
An email dropped into my Inbox overnight promoting a 'Top 100 Wine Blogs' list.

I normally pay scant regard to such things, for they either tend to be geographically focussed (exclusively US based) or are list heavy with those that consider themselves key influencers (read: have bought twitter and/or Instagram users extensively and consider a wine review a brief and pithy few words with a picture of said wine - there I said it, grumpy old man status confirmed).

However, on this occasion it stated I was on said list (down somewhere like #83 just before Sean Mitchell's excellent Grape Observer and way down below Andrew Graham's Oz Wine Review at an impressive #25) so that piqued my interest somewhat.

I don't necessarily believe it, though I am happy for a little additional publicity and for someone to blow my trumpet (I can't do so myself, although apparently 2-3 in a thousand men can ;).

So there you go, you're reading a Top 100 Wine Blog - according to one list at least.

I still ocassionaly tweet expletive-laden, gin fuelled grumblings on Twitter, so you can follow me there, if you like:


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