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Monday 18 November 2013

Cook's Lot 'Lot 666' Pinot Gris 2013

"If you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste". So, Lot 666 eh? Some may consider Pinot G the devil's juice, for its ubiquity, and - more so in its Grigio guise - it's temptation to consume and be consumed.

Here, Duncan Cook has taken on the grape and produced a Gris worthy of the name. Opening with poached pear, a little honey for sweetness. Partial barrel ferment has added weight and texture, the warmer vintage gives the fruit extra legs, and somehow a little acid seems to have been retained.

Mineral and spice all add to the picture, length is good and the presence of flavour is long lasting. 90

Tasted on: Thursday 14th November, a Leaf Day
Source: Sample
Price: $20
Alcohol: 13.2%
Closure: Screwcap

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