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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Giorgi Canneto Pavese Sangue di Giuda 2012

One of the more unusual samples received for a PR tie-in, sent to coincide with the Australian run of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Sangue di Giuda - literally 'Blood of Judas' - is said to be so named by Friars who disapproved of the wine's aphrodisiac effects. It's made in Oltrepo Pavese zone of Lombardy and is a DOC wine.

Impenetrably dark in colour, it opens with a juicy, nigh grapey, aroma. Fresh, fruity and vibrant - what we often miss with wine is intent, or context, and here the wine is made in a deliberately low alcohol style - for 'casual' consumption if you wish. 

This particular example sees only 3 days on skins, enough for colour and flavour, but little tannin. Tank fermented, its style is lightly pettillant. The palate is simply fruity, almost cordial like with its 85 g/l residual sugar. 86 - Average, if a score matters. 

Tasted on: Saturday 29th June, a Flower Day
Source: Sample
Price: $?
Alcohol: 7%
Closure: Cork
Imported By:

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