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Sunday 28 April 2013

Vinteloper Urban Winery Project Grenache 2012

360 bottles produced, hand bottled and hand labelled, with the label drawn - by hand of course - by winemaker David Bowley's partner. 

The Back Story
David Bowley is a pretty innovative winemaker, straddling that line between artist and scientist. His Urban Winery Project, in many respects part art installation alongside temporary working winery, brought the wine-making process to the people, enabling them to participate in the wine making process, and to enjoy the fruits of its labours. 
This Grenache - as the name implies - is one product out of that installation's 2012 guise. It is a 100% Grenache from McLaren Vale.

From David, With Love
It's a story of love, of doing 'things', largely. the old fashioned way: machine harvested - probably one of two concessions to modernity - then unloaded one bucket at a time to the fermenters. Trod by foot, sorted and de-stemmed by hand too - a labour of love.
The other concession was the use of a commercial yeast - BP725 for the nerds - a decision taken as David was unsure of the ability of the indigenous yeasts present and at the UWP to ferment to dryness. 

Eight days on skins, pressed off using a manual basket press - seeking gentle extraction -  to a holding tank before being racked to oak: 2yr French hogshead, 2yr American Oak hogshead and a 5yo French Oak Barrique.  

It was allowed to rest and mature for 10 months, before racking off with a minimal addition of sulphur. Of the three separate parcels, only the French Oak hogshead was retained for this wine - the remainder forming part of David's 2012 Adelo blend.

The Wine Itself
A lovely perfume, shows an unforced purity of fruit, of red and black fruits, a subtle brambly mix of mix berries with a little earth over time and latent brown licorice.

Exhibits an almost glacial like purity on the palate, clean with a blackberry and red fruit profile. More than a one-trick pony, it presents a savoury edge, showing the inherent character of Grenache with brown spices and pepper.

Enjoy it for its natural expression, its balance; it doesn't suffer from the overdone nature seen with some Grenache, its finish is one of generosity and persistence with a cheeky wink of spice at its conclusion. 93 - Very Good

Tasted on:25th April, a Root day (transitioning to Flower) and on 27th April, a Flower Day
Source: Sample
Price: $Not Publicly Available
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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