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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dandelion Vineyard Lion's Tooth Shiraz 2008

 "It might just save us from the jam..."
~ Philip White, Drinkster

Co-fermentation of Shiraz and Riesling are not a new technique, apparently Peter Lehmann started using the technique back in the 60s.  It's a way of adding natural acidity to a wine, where it's not present in the fruit forming the basis of the wine, saves over-acidification with commercial additives.

This at 4-5 years still shows sweet fruit, toasty oak character and regional thumbprint of dense, sweet chocolate.  However, the palate shows the greater influence of the addition of the Riesling.

There's hazelnut, chocolate, licorice here - yet it's not so full, the Riesling seems to keep it a little trim, adding a fresh citrus tinged aspect to the wine.  Has the impression of giving length and legs.  Drinkability plus.  91 - Very Good   

Tasted on: Thursday 31st January, a Root Day
Source:retail, Wine Experience
Price: $25
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap

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