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Monday, 30 May 2011

Charles Melton Shiraz 2001

Graeme "Charlie" Melton's poor French is well documented; luckily so his ability to work with classic Rhone varietals, such as this Shiraz.

Praying to St Finbarr (poetic license here for he is the patron Saint of the Irish city of Cork) when opening this bottle, I wasn't disappointed. For,  like a fart during procreation, the romance of cork soon disappears when a bottle is corked, or should that be borked to use local vernacular.

As ever, I digress.  Beautiful black cherry and plum aromas, exhibiting some Mataro like earthy headiness.  Entry shows a silken, lithe palate: more black cherry, still showing some fruit character.

The finish: fine, powdery, chalky tannin - even a touch of twigginess.  Oh but its beauty lies in the integration of the parts, the balance shown and a long smooth finish.  Happiness.

Source: Retail, Grand Central Cellars
Price: $44 (on release)
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Cork


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