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Friday 29 October 2010

Couple of Quick Tastings

Popped into the brilliant Purple Palate {} in Brisbane.

The guys put on regular tastings toward the back of the store, dispensed from the Enomatic. There were a couple of standouts for me: 

Riorret The Abbey Pinot Noir 2008
Made by De Bortoli Chief Steve Webber, the wine displayed typical aromas of ripe cherry; an incredible lightness both in the glass and on the palate. Retails around $33 - an incredibly well constructed wine.

Somerset Hill Merlot 2008
Exhibited some typical plum fruit on the nose, yet there the varietal typicality ended for me. It was no bad thing. In the glass it was quite dark, an almost brackish note around the edge; in the mouth I was picking baked pie - more the aroma of the caramel from atop and apple pie. I could be talking out of my arse - descriptors aside, the main thing was it was divine. And that's what matters most.


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