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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Red Heads Back Shed Shiraz Grenache 2006

Back in about 2006 I bought a case of this from a wine club (Lathwaite's) in the UK. It was, then, a massive 16% but I don't recall it being so.

On to 2009. Driving through McLaren Vale I happened to spy the Red Heads Studio; a prompt about turn led to a wander round the back where some of the crew were preparing for vintage and more than happy to indulge me.

Cutting a long story short, the crew were more than happy to oblige me and relieve me of some dollars. I was able to make it's acquaintance again! It's made for Laithwaite's - the proprietor of which apparently provided some capital for the Red Heads Studio - and this vintage has seen the alcohol drop toward the 15% mark to reduce the tax it attracts in the UK.

The nose shows some of the earthy aromas of the Grenache within; the palate is full of plenty of sweet fruit from the Shiraz. It's not the most complicated wine. It's good straight down the line Shiraz Grenache.  On first purchase I used to love this wine. As my palate has started to mature I can see beyond it's fairly one-dimensional approach; I can still appreciate it for what it is: a good sweet fruit driven style.

Source: Winery
Price: $13 ish
Score: 89


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